My deepest appreciation to T.R.H. Prince Raad Zeid and Princess Majda Raad Zeid for their interest and support of the Swedish Jordan expedition, and to Professor Carl-Gustaf Styrenius and former Ambassador Lars Lönnback, who in many ways were the initiators of the project. I am also grateful for the generous assistance of the Department of Antiquities and its Directors General, and Stephen Bourke for permission to rent the Pella Dig House. Thanks also to my Jordanian colleagues, especailly Hikmat Ta’ani and our surveyor and draughtsperson Muwafaq A-Bataineh from the Yarmouk University in Irbid, and all team members for their interest and hard work. Special thanks to my understanding family.
Financial support during the years was given by the Swedish organizations BITS and SIDA, the Royal Swedish Academy of Literature, History and Antiquity, Stockholm – most kindly supported by my friend, teacher and mentor, the late Paul Åström, and INSTAP, the Gyllenstiernska Krapperup’s, Anna Ahrenberg, and Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren’s Foundations, and the private company Polylys Com.

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